Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RURAL WAR ROOM - 2/19/08


Oingo Boingo-Nasty Habits
Jump With Joey-Move Your Body
Earthworms-Mo' Taters
Mel Henke-The Lively Ones
The Charts-Oooba Gooba
The Bomboras-Adventures in Outer Space
The 4 Instants-Bogatini
Co Hagendoorn-De Reus Van Het Woud
Jaymz Bee & his Royal Jelly Orchestra-Turn Me Loose
Ursula 1000-Les Techniques De L'amour
Champion Motor Graders-They Only Make Motor Graders
One Plus One-Outer Space Dixie
Subterranean Phil-Holy Festival of All
Mong Hang-Bog Ele Bechico
Senor Coconut-Music Non-Stop
Skip Heller-Couch Los Angeles
The Noblemen-Dragon Walk
Kohichi Sugiyama-Bio Wars
Soul Coughing-Bus to Beelzebub
Quincy Jones-Shoot to Kill
Jaymz Bee & his Royal Jelly Orchestra-Run To You
Het Cocktail Trio-De Pimpelpaarse Pil
Gogol Bordello-Avenue B
Syd Dale-Alarm Call
Rhythm Kings-Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
Unknown Hinson-Rock 'n' Roll Is Straight From Hell
Nina Hagen-Ika Maska
Woody Herman & Tito Puente-Mambo Herd
Chaino-Rockin' Bongos
Juriaan Andriessen-Cyclic Shift
Raving Lunatics-Indian Matrix Chant
Usha Uthup & Chorus-One Two Cha Cha Cha
eX-Girl-Wipe Out 3

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