Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oh Boy! It's That Time Again!

Our winter pledge drive has taken so long to arrive, it's practically our spring pledge drive. The last one was back in September, which makes the past five months the longest span of time without a pledge drive that any of us can remember.

Yet, we can assure you we'll get calls asking "Didn't you guys just HAVE a pledge drive?" Because that's the nature of the beast; there's too much time spent doing them and not ever enough time between them. Still, we plan to make the best of it and have fun while it's happening. Pledge drive is the time we hear from most of you out there, and staying in touch is how we can best judge what you want community radio to be.

So please consider calling up the host of your favorite show some time in the next week or two, pledge your support and let them know what we're doing right or what we could do better. It's your station. Help improve it.

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