Monday, February 04, 2008

ch- ch- ch- Changes

Sometimes changes at KABF can be heard by the listeners of the station. A new whatzit tube is installed out at the tower, a Ruskian tweak is made, a budget CD player dies a horrible death and is replaced by a slightly higher budget CD player. And sometimes changes at the station aren't heard at all. A couple of those came recently.

One is an addition to our staff, Chad McGriff, our new volunteer/pledge coordinator. He hit the ground running in January, lining up premiums for the winter pledge drive that starts February 16th. He's also getting a newsletter ready to go out in the mail in March. And he's embarking on the most challenging endeavor imaginable for a volunteer coordinator: assembling an updated contact list for all of the volunteers. Good luck with that one, Chad.

The other change is a redesign to our studio. On Saturday we moved the CD library to its new digs and tore out the old CD cabinets, which, it turns out, took up a lot of space in the limited space that is our studio. This week we'll see new lighting installed and this coming Saturday, volunteers will slap new paint on the walls. In upcoming weeks we'll be moving equipment and reconfiguring consoles, all to better accommodate guests and our new computer system.

So while you might not hear the changes, we're seeing them. Stay tuned and eventually you're likely to hear them as well.

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