Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rural War Room - Tues. Jan 22 - 10 to midnight


Jeff Jenkins-Saint Anne's Reel
The Band That Dare Not Speak Its Name-Eohippus Strut
Cece Rich & the Fossils-Me and My Shadow
Nate vVnson-Beep Squawk '98
Temporary Power Animal-?Cut 7?
Einstein's Secret Orchestra-X-1-9
Atomic Jefferson-The Thrill of Victor
Jerry Colburn-Blue Shoes
Peter Gullerud-His Lady Friends After the Neutering
The Retards-Breath of Chang
Girls of Zaetar-Full Moon
Nerve Picnic-Sonaquarium Phase 3
Horkeskart-I'm Eating Your Plaster
John Trubee-Vicious Pygmy
Eugene Chadbourne-Sex With the Sheriff
Joe Christ-Acid Is Groovy Kill The Pigs
Bill Schaeffer-Triumph of the Angels
Marc Turner-Tango Dance
Reagan's Polyp-The Abattoir of Sin
Johnny Future-The Naked Club
The Bozone-Tarpit of Your Love
Drs. 4 "Bob"-Drs. 4 "Bob" Theme
Jerry Colburn-Welcome to My World
Bob Wall-Duke's Revenge
The Retards-Neil With the Pipeline in the Conservatory
Widowpaw-Feeling for the Hole
Einstein's Secret Orchestra-In the Lair of the Termite Queen
Jerry Colburn-Monkey Rebel
Doo Rag-Can't be Satisfied
Groove handle-Brahma Bull
Nate Vinson-J. Evetts IPA
Runaway Weiner Dog-Land of happy Feet
Frarces Wanna Mo-Animal Song
Red Octopus Theater-F*% Me Long Time

Byron Werner and Donavan Suitt host Rural War Room every other Tuesday night.
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