Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am alive

Not that anyone missed me.. LOL. I have not posted in 4 months, I hang my head in shame. I should receive 40 lashes for being so lax, lazy and apathetic.

Kudos to World Tour, Collage, Sound Salvation and more for being so dedicated in posting your playlists and news tidbits. You inspire me, well ok maybe inspire is a grandiose word to describe how I really feel... maybe I am more motivated to not be shown up. :-)

Watch out, I will be back....... with playlists, news and maybe even some interesting things!! Ya never know, it could happen.

Also, all you other blues dj's get off your butts and post your stuff on here...yea, yea I know some of us post other places...just cut and paste... Let's do it...

1 comment:

Al E. Yus said...

I'd have missed you Deb, if I hadn't just seen you. I'd love to see you here, though. That goes for all the other DJs out there as well. - Jay