Saturday, March 03, 2007

Not Necessarily Nashville March 2, 2007

Well, no playlist, we were off the air.

Thanks to all who pledged, our total was $660! Ya'll are the best. We're in second place!
Beat out by Heartbeat of the Nation and followed by Red Ellis/Sacred Gospel. Native Americans, Sinners, and Saints. What could it all mean?

We've got to get better at delivering premiums so we're putting together a Pay Your Pledge/Pick Up Your Premium gig at the station in the next few weeks, so stayed tuned for more info.

Since I had the night off, I went to the hospital to visit my daughter Meg and my third grandson, Mitchel Dean, 6 lb 4 oz born Thursday at 4:15 am. What a cutie. The other grandma (Pam) showed up around 7:30 and Meg and Steve (daddy) lured us both downstairs to the chapel to show us the nifty stained glass. "Whatever", I thought. Pam and I were looking around the room saying "Yeah, this is pretty cool" when a few other folks showed up and one asked if we were there for the wedding. We said "No, we're just looking around." Meg and Steve started giggling and lo and behold, they got married! Polka-dot jammies and all! It was real sweet. Only in my little family.

Talk to you next week.....................Flap


Deb said...

I think that is awesome!! How freakin' cute. I hope someone got pictures and congrats to Megan and Steve on the wedding, the baby and all.

Al E. Yus said...

Congrats, Granny Flap.