Friday, March 02, 2007

Down and Out

Ok, the station is off the air. Has been since yesterday in the early afternoon. I think they got around to checking on it today. It is, currently, being repaired and may or may not come back on before my show at 3pm. Should be on in time for the Labor Show - *swoon*. Ain't life just a bitch that way sometime? Keep checking - you just never know.


Al E. Yus said...

I understand the blower went out in the tower control room. No cooling, no power. Anyway, it's been fixed and we're back up. Coulda used some Friday blues, though.

Flap said...

Deb, I just woke up, haven't even finished by first cup of coffee yet. I was reading your latest blog, saw at the top of the page what I thought was "Flap Blog" and wondered "what the heck?", so I clicked on it, and then I discovered that it actually says "FlaG Blog", so now we have been flagged as having objectionalble content. Does anybody know how to "undo" this?
Sorry. I promise to do no future blogging/clicking until after at least the third cup in the future.

Love, Flap

Deb said...

I think that just fits with the whole KABF thing - don't you? Objectionable? Hell yeah!!