Monday, March 05, 2007

"Educational Perspectives" March Shows- 11:00 a.m. on Saturdays!!

March 10, 2007: Need I say more? Amiri Baraka- Well, if I must- Born in 1934, in Newark, New Jersey, USA,is the author of over 40 books of essays, poems, drama, and music history and criticism, a poet, icon and revolutionary political activist! A conversation with Baraka: a legendary literary giant! Don't miss, "On Point with Patty" next week!

March 17, 2007: Patty McCullough: "On Point with Patty.. You doin't want to miss this!!! Women's History Month Perspectives! IN THE NEWS!! Announcements! "The Best of Simple"....

March 24, 2007: A Tribute to black women: Their poetry, literature, and novels: Interview: Patricia Spears-Jones: Author- Arkansas Literacy Festival (see blogspot)... "The Best of Simple"- read by Terence L. Bolden...

March 31, 2007: Book of the Quarter- "Uncle Tom's Cabin": A dialogue with Dr. Morris Holmes - What meaneth this? Women's History Month Spotlight: Special Tribute & Interview- Dr. Patricia McGraw..My mentor and shero! "The Best of Simple"- read by Terence L. Bolden!!!

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