Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Audio 101 - Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2007, 10 to midnight

oreZ gniR enO / oidaR oidaR
Dick Dale / Esperanza / Guitar Hot Shots
The Stingrays / Sabrina / Don't Fear the Reverb
Negativland / A Unique Cultural Simulcast; Cubulax Guidelines; Dickie Diamond Grabs the Gusto; Russian National Anthem; Take Me Out to the Ballgame / Testwave
The Stingrays / Pipeline / Don't Fear the Reverb
Lars Vegas / Love of Jones / Nervada
Negativland / Americo-Soviet Free Market Osmosis; Mertz; Intercontinental Phone Mess / Testwave
Medeski, Martin & Wood / Anonymous Skulls / End of World Party (Just in Case)
Negativland / Russian Factoids; Natural Woman; Toilet Paper / Testwave
The Hellcasters / Peter's Lounge / Guitar Hot Shots
Negativland / Ads and Smiles; Hey You, Buy This!; Innovation; Shilling for Attention / Testwave
The Golden Dogs / Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five / Big Eye, Little Eye
Negativland / Mertz; A Force of Nature; Hard and Soft Thinking ; The Good Life; Cars / Testwave
Mercury Rev / Continous Drunks & Blunders / Boces
Negativland / One Bar of Soap; Rubles; Mertz; It's As If We Never Left Home; Negativ Thoughts; Nuts Oh Nuts; You Will Be Rearranged / Testwave
Swamp Cabbage / Silver Meteor / Honk
Negativland / Passage to the Fourth Dimension; Memo to Howland; Calling Radio Moscow; A Presidential Campaign Shortwave Broadcast by C. Eliot Friday / Testwave
Redd Volkaert / Breakneck / Guitar Hot Shots
Negativland / The Piddle Diddle Report: What's To Come; Quantum Edge; Fiber Optics; Experimental Sharpness / Testwave
The Stingrays / Don't Fear the Reverb / Don't Fear the Reverb
Negativland / A Place in Time to Put it in it's Place; Do You Have a Job?; Das Vedanya; Mertz; Credits; So What Was I Looking For? / Testwave

This was the second and concluding episode of the Time Zones Exchange Project from Negativland and the Universal Media Netweb. The broadcast signal has been lost in the ionosphere for several decades, but KABF's Sound Magnet Satellite was able to fetch it up. Hats off to our intrepid engineers.
- Jay

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