Thursday, June 05, 2008

Audio 101 playlist - Tues. June 3, 10pm - 12am

David Rothenberg & Douglas Quin / Take Out the Loon! / Before the War
mixed with: Marcelo Radulovich / first 5 minutes of Thumb
The Night Air / The Jungle: Your Inner Ape / The Night Air podcast
Richard H. Kirk / Indole Ring / The Number of Magic
Maggie, Pierce & E.J. / Whale Song / Morgen, Mittag & Nacht
Lauren Slater / Fire Test of Love / The Moth Podcast
Kaiser Cartel / The Same / March Forth
Buddy Mondlock / Break the Cup / Buddy Mondlock
U. Utah Phillips / Stupid's Pledge; Killing Ground; General, Your Tank; I've Got to Know / I've Got to Know
The Shootist / Ghetto Chicken / The Shootist
Ticklah / Scratch To Win / Ticklah vs. Axelrod
The Herbaliser / When I Shine / Very Mercenary
Jeffrey Rudell / Under the Influence / The Moth Podcast
Sea Wolf / The Rose Captain / Leaves in the River
Martin Williams / The Tourist / Re:Sound

These three podcasts were sampled on the show:
The Night Air - Produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, each program is an audio adventure;
The Moth Podcast - Off the cuff storytelling in front of a live NYC audience; and
Re:Sound - Audio art & documentary from all over, collected by the Third Coast Audio Festival

Next Tuesday night on Rural War Room: The Anything At All Show

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