Sunday, May 25, 2008

KABF at Riverfest: or We are mellltttiiiingggg

Ok, KABF actually had a booth at Riverfest this year. Right next to the Triple S Alarm Stage where Johnny Lang performed last night. Chad, Diana, Flap, Jody Luv worked the booth during the day. In the evening, Deb, AmyB, Clyde, Marky joined them to help out.
All agreed that it was hotter than hell and the humidity was stifling. We met lots of cool folks and got lots of feedback with the listener survey. We passed out tons of KABF cups and just had a good time.
Chad and Flap emceed the stage all day and evening and did a fine job. Johnny Lang wanted NO introductions. He is still a man child, in my opinion, and his voice is still rather soft. There was a huge crowd to see him though.
Here are a few pics from the affair courtesy of Deb's camera.

Deb, AmyB & Rose at the VIP tent where, of course, there was plenty of free beer and catfish on Friday night.

Clyde & Deb at the KABF Booth

Deb & Diana at the KABF booth.

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