Wednesday, April 02, 2008



The Fugs - We’re the Fugs
The Fugs - Swinburne Stomp
Abdul Khadir & Familie - Da’s Goed M’neer
Mel Henke - You’re Driving Me Crazy
King Uszniewitcz and his Uszniewitcz-Tones - Are We Really Going Steady?
Lucia Pamela - Flip Flop Fly
Elton & Betty White - I’m In Love With Your Behind
Elton & Betty White - The Little Dicks Fit Me Best
Wild Man Fischer - Don’t Be A Singer
Mad Magazine - She Got a Nosejob
Leen Jongewaard - Ik Ben Gruis
Bob Wall - Fly Guy
Harry "The Hipster" Gibson - 4F Ferdinand the Frantic Freak
Arthur Fiedler - Fool on the Hill
Raymond Scott - Keep Cool, Fool
Andre Van Duin - Clean-O Clean
Will Stracke with Mitch Miller Orchestra - Clean-O
Bonzo Dog Band - My Pink Half of the Drainpipe
Ornette Coleman - Eventually
Guy Mitchell with Mitch Miller Orchestra - Feet Up (Pat Him on the Po-po)
Elton & Betty White - Woman, Yo Smell It Makes Me Well
Elton & Betty White - Menopause Mama
Elton & Betty White - Lady, Why Do You Make Me Eat On Your Sweet Meat?
Elton & Betty White - Jack Off Time
Gypsy Boots - Learn To Be a Drinker
Leona Anderson - Limburger Lover
Groove Handle - Cherokee Chant
Groove Handle - Large Women’s Panties
Omo the Hobo - She Wears Short Hair and Bangs
Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Radar
Reagan’s Polyp - Classic Rock Moment / Mmmm, Thank You
Van Halen - Fools (alternate)
Art Wensel & his Ragtime Cowboys - Go, Toot Your Flute
Matt Dennis with Paul Weston Orchestra - A Trout, No Doubt
Thompson Twins - Fool’s Gold (alternate)
Dizzyman’s Band - De Bererij
Zoogz Rift - Look At The Fool (alternate)
Limahl - I Was a Fool (alternate)
? - ?
Mong Hang - (excerpt)
Various - Minimoni Mash-up -Telephone Rin Rin RIn
P-Model - ?
Adam Ant w/the Spice Girls - Wanna-be Remix

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