Thursday, December 20, 2007

Audio 101 Playlist - Tuesday Dec. 18, 10pm - 12 am

Belaire / Step Step Step / Exploding, Impacting
Laurie Anderson / Three Expediences / Big Ego
Crooked Still / Darling Corey / Hop High
Nellie McKay / Feminists
DJ Spooky / Scratch Battle / One Laptop project
Drain / 120 Horses / Cinco Años
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz / Codpaste #1 / WFMU
Tribe After Tribe / The Spell / Love Under Will
Ryuichi Sakamoto / Anger (remix) / Moto-tronic
Peyk Malinovski / Will Self Walks / Studio 360
Zane Johnson & Curium / who are you little / nowever (ee cummings)
Peter Mallan & Curium / all ignorance tobaggans into know / nowever
Sia / I Go To Sleep / Some People Have Real Problems
Susanna Wallumrod / People Living / Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos
Telephone Jim Jesus / Birdstatic / Anywhere Out of Everything
Gabriel Rios / Baby Lonestar
Little Axe / Crossfire / The Wolf That House Built
Tjupurru / Uncle James Brown / Stompin' Ground
Rudder / Floater / Rudder
Crust / Weekend Bell / Cinco Años

Codpaste is a collaboration between my favorite remixers, People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz. There's an explanation and two other programs posted here, with more to follow in the coming weeks. Thanks to WFMU.

Will Self's walk out of LaGuardia with Peyk Malinovsky was originally aired on Studio 360, an outstanding program from PRI & WNYC.

Sorry, but I didn't have time to air the second installment of The Apocalypse of Bill Lizard. I'll do that in two weeks. Next Tuesday night, prepare for Bob Catchitt & Tiny Tim, aka., Byron Werner & Donavan Suitt, as they put the X back in Rural War Room. Sorry, the Christmas RWR has been cancelled.

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