Thursday, May 03, 2007

Random Thoughts

I think I am queen of random thoughts. I believe that is where ADHD comes from. I mean, come on, everyone is diagnosed with that stuff these days. Can we really be a society full of Attention Deficit people? Are we all that way because we have been inundated with too much. Is it boring if it is not glitzed up, sexed up, hyped up? Are we really that lame?

Ok, random thought disorder kicks in and I have to ask, has anyone noticed all these damn little gnats all over the place? I do not remember an influx of these things in the past. They are all over the place. Of course, I am sure it does not help that our doors have been open for hours at a time because of the remodel going on. Still, I see them everywhere I go. Maybe they follow me. Maybe I am like that peanuts character "pigpen" (was that his name?) who was always enveloped in a cloud of dirt and debris, wherever he went. Hmmmmm.

Diana (Blue Monday) is being a jewel for Friday's Blues House Party this week. She is going to sit in for Larry & I. Larry is still sick. I am wrapped up with getting ready for about 100 people here on Saturday. Good luck Diana and I know the rest of you will enjoy.

New music coming in the blues cabinet. Since we have a new lock, I feel comfortable putting some good stuff in there.

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Al E. Yus said...

I'm proud of my ADHD and no, I haven't gnoticed the gnats.