Friday, April 06, 2007

NEWSFLASH - Little Rock, AR -- Saturday (yep the day before Easter), KABF is hosting a listener appreciation event at the station. 12 - 4pm. Come on by and play games, win prizes, eat some of Flap's gumbo, Deb's jambalaya, Larry's psychodelic mushrooms (oh wait they are not psychodelic) and Diana's.... uh I am not certain if she decided on beans or greens. Audie will be there with some drinks (non alcoholic) AmyB & Tennille will be manning the prize table. Flap will be enforcing the BUNNY TOSS RULES.
Come on by and join us. Hey, if you have not paid your pledge yet - do it Saturday and pick up a premium!!


Professor Howdy said...

Very good article. Thank you -
have a good day!!!

Al E. Yus said...

I just want to remind everybody that no bunnies will be harmed during the bunny toss.