Friday, December 29, 2006

Deb says this cd rocks! If you like the Killer, then you will not be disappointed. Sure, there are a couple of cheesy duos on here but, overall, it is hard to keep your feet from tapping when this baby is in the cd player. The title is Last Man Standing and when you think about it, he really is the last man standing when it comes to Sun Records; Charlie Rich, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and even Sam Phillips.... all gone on but not the killer - he is still setting those ivories on fire. (Although I did see the video to Pink Cadillac {one of the tunes I could do without} and it sucks!! Songs I really dig on this cd:
Rock and Roll (w/ Jimmie Page)
Before the Night is Over (w/ BB King)
You Don't Have to Go (w/ Neil Young)
That Kind of Fool (w/ Keith Richards)
Just A Bummin Around (w/ Merle Haggard)
Couple More Years ( w/ Willie Nelson) (awesome)
Trouble in Mind (w/Eric Clapton)
Hadachol Boogie (w/ Buddy Guy)
The Pilgrim CH 33 (w/ Kris Kristofferson) - a mellow song

You get 21 songs plus some really cool pics in the liner notes.

The Killer, a Ferriday, LA jewel... keep rockin Jerry Lee!!

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