Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wow, a blog!

Hello, everybody. Welcome to the KABF deejay blog. What we intend to do with this thing is allow our DJs to post their playlists (and anything else their little hearts desire) so that their listeners can keep track of what's been played, what's being planned, and generally what's happening at the station.

What it's going to take to get this thing off the ground is for as many volunteers as possible to take the time to post their playlists, hopefully on a regular basis. If you already put your playlists up on a computer, it'll be easy to log in here and simply copy and paste it onto the site. If you don't currently put your playlist onto a computer, but you want to have it added to the KABF blog, you will have to take the time to type it up. In either case, I'll need to get an e-amil address from each deejay who wants to participate so that I can add you to the member list.

The general opinion so far regarding comments seems to be we should allow them, but only to those who register. I will be administrating the comments as well, which means I'll check them out first to make sure they're not spam, and then I'll post them. If this seems too restrictive to you, let me know. I want to reach a consensus on the workings of this thing and I have no idea who is going to want to even get involved at this point other than Flap and myself.

In addition to playlists, feel free to announce upcoming programs, guests, benefits, CD releases people should be aware of (especially those locally produced), show or music reviews, gigs and events and anything of interest regarding the radio station, the listeners and the volunteers.

I'd like to see as many folks participate as possible, so if you're a KABF deejay or volunteer, please write me at and tell me to add your e-mail address to the member list. You'll receive an invitation to join the group and instructions on how to post. If you've never used Blogger before, it's pretty simple to learn; in no time at all you'll be posting not only what you have to say, but photos and links as well.

It's your site, so use it, promote it and have fun.

- Jay King

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Flap said...

Looks good Jay, I'll work on my play list right away! flap